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Press Release 10/24/14  Jim & Maggie have certified as MRP:  Military Relocation Professional.  This provides them with all the detailed training to assist our Military families with the purchase and sale of their homes.

Press Release 10/28/11 Jim has just completed the Investor Certification course offered by Our America.com.  He has posted a how to video on YouTube for folks that are interested in evaluating a property prior to purchasing it. They also have access to the applications via www.4HomesInFlorida.com on the Home Page.

Press Release 6/10/10 Maggie completes the Certified Distressed Property Expert certification program May of 2010. The family has successfully sold or purchased (for buyers) 13 Short Sales and are pleased to announce Maggie’s addition to this group of experts. Jim and Mag feel this will broaden the support the Ruddy’s supply to families that are caught in this situation.

Press Release 7/28/09 We have updated our web site with the ability to provide you with your very own virtual agent applicaion on you intellegent phone. This app will allow you to identify every Realtor home for sale within a 1 mile radius of where you are.  No need to call us with a street address to find out the specifics on a home. Like a neighborhood, save your gas and let us show you online where all the homes are located.

Press Release 8/12/08 Daughter Maggie is a licensed Realtor in the State of Florida.

Jim & Mag are so proud of their youngest daughter Maggie after she successfully passed her state exam. She has been engaged in the Real Estate business for the last 4 years but has become one of the youngest Licensed Realtors in the Orlando Area.

Jim feels that Maggie has always added an aggressive attitude in assisting young singles and families that are looking for a home. She understands the issues that young people are confronted with in acquiring a mortgage and covering the closing costs and down payments. She has a strong team of lenders that will assist her buyers in qualifying for a loan, if credit challenged developing a 6 month plan to help them get into a home.

Mag (mother) is thrilled to see their daughter join the team and feels it is a great time to help all the young folks get into their first home. Call Maggie today to see how she can help you develop your dream.

Press Release 7/5/08 The market continues to perform here in Longwood at this time 272 homes have sold or are under contract(68) this year.  That shows there is still an active buying public to market your home to.

Press Release 5/23/08  The Ruddy's continue to out perform the market. Over 13 sales this year more impressive is the stat that over 50% of the time they sell their own listing. Longwood has 138 sales and 84 under contract since the begining of the year. Jim just wants to remind everyone that Real Estate is a very tight geographic. What is happening in St Cloud does not impact Longwood. We still have a good real estate market on the north end of Orlando.

Agent Web site upgraded to add Chat capabilities, 11/26/07 The Ruddy's have completed the upgrading of their web site to offer Live Agent Chat capabilities to their clients and visitors.  Jim says it is a sign of the times. We are all called to respond in short and short time intervals.  We feel if this is your business you need to be their for your clients. 

New Real Estate Agent Website Launched, 7/5/2006 - We are proud to announce the launch of our new state of the art Real Estate Services Web site today. The new site is powered by a la mode, inc. net.X technology, which integrates and leverages a range of desktop and Internet applications and data sources to extend the network to better serve our clients.

This new site provides streamlined services for existing as well as potential new clients, while also providing our staff with technology integration that allows us to be more effective in our daily operations. Not only can clients view our listings, but they can also search for a home or get pre-qualified for a mortgage and much more. The new site also provides rich multi-media content for potential new clients, showing them the benefits of hiring a professional Agent in an engaging, highly professional presentation format that will create new demand for our services. Going forward, the underlying a la mode net.X platform of our new site means that we are automatically going to be adding features and capabilities to meet our changing business requirements and keep up with the technology curve in Real Estate. We are a full service Real Estate Services firm and a recognized leader in the local market. Our firm combines a focus on customer service with the utilization of technology to provide clients with the highest quality and fastest turnaround times in the market.