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It is an Honor to Serve you during this dream building time of your life. Please feel free to email or text us on ways to improve this page to support your goals. Maggie and I are both certified Military Relocation Professionals and MOM Certified (Military On The Move).  I served in the USAF during Vietnam and we have found homes and financing for numerous Veterans and Military PCS-ing.

Ask Us About MOM and See If You Qualify!!

We have Lenders that have proven track record of going the extra mile with VA Mortgages.  They are:

Watson Mortgage,     Denise Pataleon  321-278-4656
MSC Mortgage,         Chuck Williams    407-252-5120 semper fi

Need your DD-214 ?  Begin here:

So how much does the DoD really guarantee in a VA loan?  In our market $144k to $417k  it is 25% of the loan amount.

Many a Veteran may have forgotten that our service allows for us to use the VA entitlement more than once in our life time.  We would have to believe that is true since only 15% of us actually use this benefit.

What is a Compromise Sale ?   This is the VA Short Sale.  Did you know that Veterans' get to re-apply for a mortgage to buy a house within 1 to 2 years after going through a VA Compromised Sale? The VA offers Home Loan Borrower Assistance. You can call 877-827-3702.

What do we as Realtors really offer today with the World Wide Web versus all the other home search web sites? We can provide the details on neighborhoods, social activities, school activities, churches, and things that usually drive the home buying search in specific locations that you do not usually find on most web searches.  We stand out among our peers because we have proven our skills through National Association Certification of Military Relocation Professional and MOM Certified (Military On The Move). We have been trained on those issues that separate the Veteran and Military PCS-ing families.  Call us today to discuss your plans and goals. (407-718-0984)