Let our family take you Home

AC and Appliance repair:  

    ROVIK 407-260-0101

Air Duck cleaning and Repair:

    Live Air  407-221-5018

Business Broker: CFBB Paul McNally 407-403-4455

Carpet Stretching & Replacement:  

    Louis’s Carpet Repair 407-327-8343  Louis White


   Clean Interiors of Florida   407-310-0779 specialize in ordor removal.

   HUNK-O-JUNK 888-486-5658  clear out yard waste, gargage, old swing-sets   

   Platinum floor care services  Joe Stapf   407-549-7650

   Pressure wash  Brett's Pressure Washing  407-770-4090

   Sandra Miller                   407-310-0117

   Tile & Carpet cleaners  Extra Care  407-459-3914,  Sarita and Pat Z used them.

   pressure washing and roof cleaning SCB Services , Steve Borden 407-341-3569

Commercial Lender:  Tim Hendricks , Citizens Bank 407-864-4949  

Concrete Service:

   Boudreau Pavers, Inc.  407-643-8911

   Ken Cook  407-332-6433


   Tony Electrical Service, Tony Gueits  407-383-4041

   Walstib Electric, Inc.  Steele Mycroft 407-617-0842

Estate Sales in Orlando:

   Patty and Dave 407-256-1337 
   Orlando Estate Sale Ladies   321-663-6981

Financial Advise:

   Eric Carlson 754-0509

   Tim Foli Portfolio Manager Asst. Vice President
   U.S. Trust, Bank of America Private Wealth Management

   Hard Money lender :  Robbie Hopins 407-740-5166   Mesa Capital  
   1540 International Parkway Lake Mary Fl.

Florida Wildlife trapper:

   Le Cross 407-617-1193

Foreclosure Defense:
   Earth Angels United, 
407-263-7865     http://earthangelsunited.org/index.htm

Furniture Consultant: 

   Jim Butler  407-927-0759

   Prolinq  Eric Horine 407-775-8665   Lic. CAC1819935  and CGC1527582 prolinq.com
P-N-D Construction Services Patrick Haskell, owner Lic.& Insured 407-416-9536

   Nautilus Homes, Rick Jennings  Cell 321-229-7763
 C. Marshall  State License # CGC1509969 Mobile (407) 402-7004

Grout Medic:

Free Estimate   407-426-2600   thegroutmedic.com

Home Insurance: 

Victoria Melton Pegues, Broker for Stone Key Insurance

Owner/Principal Agent

Office 407.542.8160

Fax 407.543.6558


 Martin Svetlik,  fluent in Serbro-Coatian and Slovakian 407-314-5481


Norton  American National   407-620-7639  fax 407-833-8477

Irrigation repair: 
Dickerman  407-366-5847

Lake clearing:    

   Keith Papke Lakes - 407-260-9085

Lawn Maintenance, weeding and Tree Trimming:

   Randale Coble 407-312-5085.

   S N H Landscape & Tree Service  407-739-2311

   Chad Robinson    407-620-5961    

   Arbor Care         407-302-5568
   Central Florida Property Maintenance Landscaping & Sprinkler repair  407-322-9121

   J Lawn Service    407-260-7037

   Weeds Gone, Inc.  407-488-6167  Weeds Pulled by Hand

Lock Smith Services:

   Mr. ReKey  407-207-0272  $89.99 6 keyholes 4 copies

   Orlando Lock smith    877-305-5625 

   The Key Man, Inc.  407-834-7676  407-831-3328

Longwood trash pick up:

   407-774-0800  must be in city limits, they come and pick up appliances that are   broke.

Mold, Odors, Rodents, Insects:

   Ozone Magic.   Dane  407-701-3763  


Hilldrup,  Rick Locke  407-951-4349  moving and declutter Services

   Heritage Sales & Appraisals, Inc.  Katherine K.P. Cutlip 407-644-6742

   fax 644-9133   www.heritageappraisals.com

   Got Junk  Kyle Repp    407-310-4285

   Structure movers Youngblood Movers, Sanford 407-323-0715

 Salvation Army furniture pick-up 1-800-95-TRUCK or 1-800-958-7825

Mortgages as in Reverse: Cynthia Meyers  407-920-5382 Christensen Financial.


   Karen King                    407-260-7157

   ColorRight Painting & remodeling  407-733-0434

   Peter Tyler  407-369-1528   We used him.

   Troy's Prestige Painting  407-702-1796

   PopcornRemoval.com   407-999-7900   we used them

   Johnny Sink's Custom Painting    407-402-4079

 Intrgrity Painting  Brian Mock  407-758-7808

Permit issues:

 National Permit Co,  Robert Barson 407-493-2776

PET Doctor:

James CaliffDVM    he does house calls  mention our name  407-222-2452  He took great care of   our dog and cat.

Pet Hospital   407-872-2228  near downtown


Walter Filjpski  407-625-8447  

 Plumbing  407-323-7515

  Titos Pipe & Drain  407-331-8486  Lic CFC142766

  Water filter issues:  EcoWater.com 866-314-9825

Pool Service:

  Richard's Reliable Pool Service,  407-694-8371

  Michael Mad River Pool Const. 407.810.3453 the man to help open permits

  Leak service.  Don's leak service  407-786-5325
  Baby Barrier, Eric Marshall 435-1886

Power Back up for your home:

  Tech Services,  Chris Cass 407-925- 3462, tsmss@aol.com  Techservicesspecialties.com

Real Estate Attorney:

  Jeffery Kaplan, 407-706-6700 Kaplan Law Firm, he comes and teaches our office.

  The Woods Law Firm, P.A.  407-487-1601  Elder Law, Guardianship, Estate Planning, Probate.

  Mark Ahlers    407-425-2786    Probate Attorney, works with Watson Title.

  Greg Bond-Property Manager Guys, LLC 407-252-9658 help w/evictions

  Short term Lease agreements: Marissa Sprick, Esq. The Ort Law Firm
  407-656-4500,  John Jones referred her to Linda Amundsen

  Harry G Reid III,  407-321-3911

  Tom Recicar , 986 Douglas Ave, Altamonte Springs, Fl 407-788-  0250 trecicar@bellsouth.net

  Mike Woods   407-481-2524

  Jaisen Stango, Landlord Tenant issues  407-835-8688  www.jaisenstango.com

  SHORT SALE team working with Watson Title Services.  Boyette Cummins & Nailos.

352-394-2103   web site www.bcnlawfirm.com

Recycle stuff:  

  Refreshed Electronics on SR 434 will take batteries and computers for free.

Repair & Remodeling: please confirm their Insurance and License for your own protection or use HomeAdvisor,com to find craftsman and women for your projects.

  AccuBuilt   Greg White  407-617-1592
  Bathtub reglazed  www.bathtubguys.com 321-443-1641 - $239.00

  Boudreau Pavers, Inc.  407-643-8911
  Handyman Inc.  407-253-4203

  HomeFixers Orlando, Shawn Martin  407-464-9400

  Mike’s Home Repair Serv.   407-538-0290

  P-N-D Construction Services Patrick Haskell, owner Lic.& Insured 407-416-9536

  Russo Marble & Tile, Barry Russo 407-595-8453, 407-834-2725

  The Enhancement Group, Nelson Cummings 407-257-5050

  Florida Roof Werks, Inc  David Baigent 407-569-9323

 Petersen Of Alan's Roofing Inc. 407-774-2158, 407-272-3592 Cell



  Borr Builders Inc. 407-260-2001

  Lion Olson 407-869-0370

  Roof Cleaning   407-492-4876

Screen Repair:

  Affordable Screen Guy     407-375-3932 

  Fast Response Screen Repair Kevin Lemay, owner 407-955-3873                                                   screeninja1@gmail.com

  The Screen Doctor           407-788-7419

Sink Hole repair:

  Certified Structure and Foundation, Inc.  321-863-7178

  Foundation Technology  800-771-7437

Soil Testing at Seminole County Extension Service.  $2

  Call before going 407-665-5551  9 - 4pm 250 W County Home Rd. Sanford


 Lynda Miller 407-620-2924  
 Ann M. Barclay, Owner / Designer   407.716.3237  AnnMBarclay@hotmail.com
 Staging Pros  Brad Fletcher 866-599-5133  www.hspfla.com

 Structural Engineering:

  Ronald D. Devlen, P.E.    407-324-5300  

Tax Attorney: Matthew McMillan  407-637-8097

Tree Trimming: 

  Danny Baugher 407-327-3927 (Arborist)

Under ground tank removal:

  Greens Energy Services     407-282-5000  150 gallon tank $600 example

                                        Price will change over time. 9/07.

  Rex Spalding ,  Remedial Services, LLC      cell 407 468 0577

Wallpaper removal and painting:

  Al's Trim/capentry Handyman  407-788-4585

  Tracey at Aim To Please 407-415-5727

Window Repairs:

  A Lynn's Window Repairs Inc.  407-260-1188

Wire funds internationally:

  Money Corp 877.252.8232