Let our family take you Home


Was the Survey completed?   If not call your lender, they require it.

Were the repairs completed? Who has the receipts?

Home insurance is in effect for the closing day.

If we have a Home Owners association do we have a copy of their Restrictions?  Do they require approval? Has it been done.

Call your Lender and confirm that your package is in Underwriting, If not when will it be. When will we get Clear to Close (bank speak). Want to confirm that is 1 day before your closing date.

Order Utilities turned on for buyer and off for seller on the day of Closing.

We suggest the day of closing you have a locksmith rekey all your locks.

Orlando Lock smith 877-305-5625

The Key Man, Inc. 407-834-7676 407-831-3328

Know the Closing date and time.

Location of closing

address/directions(in writing) and a contact phone number

Final walk through by the buyer. What day and time? Who will open the house? Seller should have all furniture and clean up complete the morning of the closing. Remember day of closing the Buyer owns the home.

Remember the final walk through is just to confirm the repairs have been done and all items you expected to come with the home are in the home. It is also a time to confirm no damage has been done due to the move out by the sellers.

If you are the Seller, review your contract to confirm what you are leaving behind. This can become expensive if you take window shades or blinds that should stay with the home. Cut the grass 2 days before closing.

Seller bring all keys and garage door openers to the closing. Remember the day of closing is the Buyers so you should be out prior to that time.

If you will need access to your funds that you will receive from this closing we recommend you have the funds wired to your account from the closing agent. Otherwise your Bank may hold those funds for 10 days. Call your bank for their wiring instructions and then provide them to the closing agent two days before closing.

If you are the Buyer review the same contract so you will check those items off as you do your final walk through. Husband and Wife will have papers to sign even if they are not on the Note or Deed. So if you cannot be there we need to have the Title Company prepare a Power Of Attorney for you and that will need to be notarized and witnessed by two, 5 days before closing is the time to do this.

Buyer should have funds for closing wired to the Title Company at least 2 days before closing. Your lender should be able to give that amount at this time. It may not be the actual number but it should be close. We recommend wiring a few extra hundred and the Title company will write you a check for that which is not used. Title Companies used to accept Cashiers checks but due to fraud have moved away from accepting those. This is the time to call them and verify how they will accept your funds.

Prior to the closing you will receive a Preliminary Alta (key word preliminary) from the Title Company. This is a document that explains all of your closing costs. We will review this with you to confirm it matches what the contract to purchase stated.


Day of closing bring:

Buyer - Drivers license for all parties, Cashiers Check if you did not wire funds , Personal Check Book.

Seller - Drivers License, If Trustee - original Trust documents, any original Death Certificates (without cause of death).

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